September 25, 2014 | The Biz

Corbin Fisher tells all

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This week Corbin Fisher took to to answer questions from fans.

Many of the questions were about specific models. When will Cain come back? When will Darren come back? When will Josh come back? When will ... well, you get the picture. We decided to pick out the more interesting answers for you (though you can read the whole interview if you want).

Since you're competitors, do CF and Sean Cody have an adversarial relationship?
We correspond regularly, have had some fun dinners together. I really don't think we are each other's primary competitors. In truth, piracy is the main competitor of any producer and, as a result, friendly relationships with other producers and working together to find, report, and take down piracy is in all of our best interests. The SC folks are great guys and we get along with them well.
Do you have fluffers on the set?
I'm not sure anyone uses fluffers anymore. They're an element of a bygone era.
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Why did you ask Zack to do a straight scene, when he said he is gay?
Why ask any of the guys that identify as straight to do scenes with another man? If we're all about expanding the performers' sexual horizons and watching them do and experience new things, why limit that to only the performers that identify as straight?
Do you work with many non-American models?
We do only work with people in the US. There are a number of reasons for this - some legal, some revolving around our specializing in American guys (it is "Corbin Fisher's American College Men", after all). We may occasionally consider guys not currently in the US, but planning extended visits soon. That's not all too common, though.
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What happened to Levi? He was an amazing bottom!‎
If I recall correctly, he got a boyfriend that wasn't too thrilled about the whole porn thing and so he stopped doing it.
Before they make their Corbin Fisher debuts, do you give your new models a makeover?
It depends on the guy. More often than not, they don't really need any type of makeover. Sometimes, however, they'll show up with hair we think may be too long or in need of a trim.
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Do models ever ask to shoot a scene with a specific guy?
It's happened before. I know Cort specifically asked to do a scene with Connor (pictured above); Trent asked to do a scene with Dawson. It doesn't happen too often, but occasionally it does.
Do you ever find that straight guys are more hesitant to kiss than to suck dick or fuck?

I often hear and read comments along the lines of, "There's no way he's straight if he's bottoming!" In actuality, though, your suspicion giving oral or kissing might be more of a leap is spot on when it comes to many guys. I've probably heard, "But... do I have to kiss or suck dick?!" more often than any questions related to bottoming. I suspect some guys might see bottoming as easier, because they're under the impression it involves no more than lying there and taking it. Kissing and sucking dick, though, are more proactive, assertive acts; some guys may have an easier time "having something done to you", rather than "going out of your way to do something" when it comes to things that are so new, different, and counterintuitive at first.

Connor and Dawson - Corbin Fisher - Gay porn
Have you ever been contacted by legit agents/producers for any of the CF models to appear in mainstream films/movies?
Yes. I'll mention one particular thing - both Connor and Dawson (pictured above) appeared in a pilot for a show produced and starring quite a well-known celebrity. They were a perfect fit for the show because they needed two young, buff, ripped guys. No news yet on if the show has been picked up or when it might air (I believe it was intended for one of the premium cable networks/movie channels).
I wish u guys NEVER hired models with tats...or allow existing models to get ink. They just look so trashy that, for me, it ruins the scenes. And I realize that's not a question!
One of the main reasons we'll reject a model is tattoos - either too many, their location, or what's portrayed in the tattoo. So we definitely understand where you're coming from. I think we have to accept the fact, though, that tattoos are quite common nowadays - near ubiquitous, even - among the generation of guys we work with. If we were to deny every model with tattoos, we'd hardly ever get any new models!
When we first started, we could easily reject a guy for having a tattoo and find plenty of other guys to take their place. The vast majority of applicants these days, however, have at least one tattoo. It's still great coming across a guy that has none, but to rule out each and every guy with a tattoo would be highly impractical. I think the prevalence of tattoos among models simply reflects the prevalence of tattoos among guys of their age group.
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