May 1, 2009 | The Biz

William Higgins talks twins

William Higgins talks about twins and fetishThe other day we told you about William Higgins' latest release, 'Double Czech 2009,' in which two real life brothers (and identical twins) make out with one another. Taboo? Um, slightly.

So we asked Higgins what kind of response he has received so far about the film. Surprisingly, very little.

"It's early days yet," Higgins admitted to us. "Double Czech 2009" was released in Europe before the US.  It has completely sold out in Europe.  In fact we didn't anticipate the demand and didn't maintain a reserve.  We're trying to rush through a re-order of DVDs in order to fill the demand.  We haven't received any emails from European buyers, which is typical. (And) the movie did receive one very favorable review, that I'm aware of on ATKOL."

Once the movie makes it state side he thinks that could change. 

But what is this obsession with brothers? [more]

"I've always had a very strong fetish about brothers," he said. "We do as much work with brothers doing as much together as we can get out of them.  There are several brother situations on our website:  .

"When guys come together to casting, if they look alike, I always ask if they are brothers.  More often than you'd think, brothers come together to castings.  When guys who come to casting together are not brothers, we ask if If they are good buddies.  If so we try to get them to perform together.  And cousins are also quite nice.

"In Double Czech 2009 there's a lot more interaction between the twins than just one scene.  The twins came together to casting.  As soon as I saw them, I said to myself:  "A dream fulfilled!"

"Funny, how it all developed.  The first scene we filmed called for the twins to be plowed by two other models.  I noticed that one of the twins had a scruffy five o'clock shadow.  I asked him to shave it off.  We sent someone to the corner store to buy some disposable blades.

"He got in our shower, and I said, "Why don't we have your brother shave you?"

"No problem.  I got the camera rolling.  One twin started shaving his brother, and we were filming.  I looked at the one who was doing the shaving and noticed his dick start to grow.  The dick slowly shot straight up with
no touching and he started rubbing it on his brother, whose dick then began to grow.  This was all impromptu, with not a word of direction. Then they started rubbing dicks on each other, one knelt down and started soaping and pulling his brothers dick.  Well, I was really enjoying this, but we had a scene to film.  Before things got completely out of hand, I called a halt to the shower, and we adjourned to the studio to film the main scene.  (BTW, that scene
involved two other brothers).

"I don't know whether they had practiced with each other at home or not.  I do think not, because they were SO HOT for each other.  I like to think they'd kept it zipped up until just that moment.  There had been previous experiences which might cause the bloom to go off, if you catch my drift.

"We had no difficulty to persuade them to do each other.  They were raring to go! The movie certainly fulfilled my fantasy.  I'm now trying to decided whether to do a scene with the same twins meeting other pairs of brothers."

We're not sure yet if we're grossed out or turned on. We'll have to get back to you on this one.

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